Sunday, March 15, 2009

Techinal Difficulties...

Apologies for not getting a post up after last night's game, but my laptop has decided to crap out on me. I'm not sure how much updating I'll get to do over the next week or so, as my computer will be shipped off to the HP Technical Repair services, and will be relying on limited access to my wife's laptop and work computers.

Maybe it's for the best. Florida lost a 3-1, 3rd period lead for the 2nd time in 3 games last night. While Florida continues to pick up 1 point at a time, it's getting close to panic mode. The Panthers are now in 9th place in the east, 1 point behind 8th seed Carolina. Luckily (I guess), there won't be any movement in the standings before Florida plays next. Today was no fun for Panther fans anyways. Both the Rangers and Penguins earned 2 points, distancing themselves from Florida. It's hard to feel positive about the Panthers' postseason chances, but there are still plenty of games to play, plenty of points to be had. But the teams Florida is chasing are playing good hockey, while the Panthers picked a bad time to slump. Hopefully Tuesday will start a hot streak. Until next time... (whenever that may be)

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