Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Panthers 4 - Thrashers 3

The Panthers got the job done, beating the lowly Thrashers tonight, 4-3. It wasn't pretty. I wasn't a great game, by Florida standards. After the last 4 games against some of the league's best, tonight's game was hard to watch, at times. The skill level difference was painfully clear between the last 4 opponents and Atlanta. But the end result is what the Cats needed.

After yet another early goal against, the Panthers decided to participate the rest of the way and Florida controlled play for most of the night. I don't know what it is about this team, but I think every game on this recently completed road trip, the Panthers allowed the opposition to get on the board in the first couple minutes. Luckily for Florida, they were usually able to answer back.

Heading out on this trip, 3-2-0 would have been pretty lofty expectations. But that's what Florida did. On the biggest, toughest road trip of the yea, against Boston, New Jersey, New York Rangers, Washington Capitals, and Atlanta, the Panthers were above .500 and played some confidence inspiring hockey. Tonight was no different. Aggressive, first on the puck, quick shots, all add up to scoring chances and the win. It was all about second chances for the Cats. Thrashers netminder Kari Lehtonen was leaving rebounds all over the rink, and Florida capitalized. Good game, great trip.

Tomorrow is the trade deadline. A mere 18+ hours away. I'll be online all day, to be sure, and updating as the day goes on. After you hear everyone else's opinion on moves that are or are not made, be sure to come back here and get one more. It should be an interesting day...

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