Thursday, February 5, 2009

Panthers 3 - Islanders 2

Gonna try something new and keep it simple tonight, whittle tonight's game down to hopefully just a few, quick thoughts;

-Florida dominated 5 on 5, struggled on special teams which allowed New York to keep it tense until the final buzzer. 3 even strength goals for Florida, 2 power play goals for NYI. Florida went 0 for 2 on the PP, luckily it didn't hurt them.

-As the game went on, it was almost the exact opposite feeling as the win in Toronto. In Toronto, the Cats got off to a slow start, went down by 2 going to the 3rd, and woke up in time to steal the win. Tonight, Florida dominated most of the first 2 periods, got some good goals at good times, probably deserved to win, but took their foot off the gas during the final period and managed to hang on to win. It's kind of reassuring to see that the Panthers can win with whatever game they bring to the rink. Gonna need a few more periods like the first, though, with tougher competition on the schedule, starting Saturday against Washington.

-I'm still not sure why Yann Denis didn't get the start. He'd won 4 in a row, including a win over the Panthers just last week. Hmmm...

-Was nice to see Booth on the ice again. You could tell he was a half step slow, his timing a half second off, but that's to be expected when you don't skate for a week. The energy was there, as always.

-Michael Frolik seems to have lost his edge since the Young Stars game in Montreal. Hope it's not similar to the Home Run Derby slump...

-Our defense continues to lead our offense. Two goals from blue liners tonight. I'm lovin' it.

-The Panthers have a tough, tough road ahead of them. Of the 11 games left in February, only 2 are against teams below them in the standings. They have 2 against Washington, Boston, New Jersey, and the Rangers. They'll need every bit of confidence they have gathered over the past month or so.

-Good win tonight, see you Saturday...

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