Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Off-Night Scoreboard Watching

In what may soon become a regular feature here at Cat Scratch, we'll take a look around the league when the Panthers are off. Real, meaningful scoreboard watching hasn't been experienced in Pantherland in years, so I'll enjoy it while I can. Last night's Panthers victory, coupled with a Pittsburgh loss AND an exciting, last minute, shorthanded game winning goal for the Canucks against Carolina that brought me out of my couch seat, now means Florida is alone in the 8th spot. Here are the standings as it concerns Florida;

7. Buffalo Sabres 57 pts
8. Florida Panthers 56 points
9. Carolina Hurricanes 55 points
10. Pittsburgh Penguins 53 points

So with the Panthers off tonight, who do we have to root for? The Sabres are in Toronto, and hopefully the Panthers were able to frustrate the Leafs enough last night that they come out with hardcore determination tonight. The Penguins host the Tampa Bay Lightning, who also came up short last night against the Islanders. It's hard to root for Tampa, but it would be nice of them to win tonight.

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