Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Game Night!

Here we are again. A chance to move up in the standings, playing against a top tier team. The New Jersey Devils, leaders of the Atlantic Division and 2nd in the conference, visit the BAC tonight. The Devils are riding a confidence high, after beating the top two teams in the league (San Jose and Boston) in their past 2 games. Florida, meanwhile, is coming off a disappointing loss to Washington, but that was just their 3rd loss in their past 9 games.

The Panthers have another chance to jump into a tie for 4th with the Rangers and Canadians, both of which are idle tonight. The Cats are currently tied for 7th with the Sabres, who head just over the border to take on Toronto. A win tonight and the Panthers are back on the confidence bandwagon. They played the Capitals tight. They beat the Devils. This young team fees like it can do anything. A loss, and it's back to fighting it out with the 2nd tier teams, struggling to stay on top of the Carolinas and Buffalos and Pittsburghs. New Jersey has won 4 straight, 8-2-0 in their last 10. They are coming off of 2 big wins, why shouldn't they have a little let down tonight? Puck drops at 7:30.

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