Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Game Night!

The All-Star break is now behind us, and the push for the playoffs is here. Florida returns to the ice tonight for the first of their final 36 games. Escaping the cold, Pennsylvanian winter, the Philadelphia Flyers visit South Florida for tonight's contest.The Flyers are in a battle of their own, as 3 teams are separated by 2 points, battling for the Atlantic division lead.

Keeping it brief, just a few quick hits about tonight's game. Ville Peltonen will make his return to the ice tonight, after missing the last two games with a deep knee bruise. It's good news for the Cats, no doubt. The CPR line (Campbell, Peltonen, and Dvorak) have been a bright spot for the Panthers since they were put together. Another line to watch tonight is the Booth, Horton, Zednik line. The last 2 or 3 games, it's looked like they might be coming together as well. Puck drops at 7:30 from the BAC.

Other games to keep an eye on tonight; Carolina (8th seed, 1 point ahead of FLA) @ NY Rangers, 7:00; Buffalo (7th seed, 3 points ahead of FLA) @ Edmonton, 9:00.

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