Sunday, December 7, 2008

While I Was Away; Panthers 0 - Bruins 4

Apologies for not posting anything on a game night, but I was a little preoccupied with my alma mater's football game. Yes, the Florida Gators won the SEC Championship last night, and "hopefully" a spot in the national title game. So I missed the Panthers game, but it looks like i didn't miss much.

Seeing how I missed the game, I'll keep it brief. The loss ended a 6 game streak of earning at least a point. The Bruins are the top team in the East, and now we know why. The Panthers are a growing team, maturing before our eyes over the last 2 weeks. Last night was a bit of a reality check. Hopefully the Cats will turn it into a positive learning experience.

The Panthers head to the Great White North for 4 straight on the road, starting tomorrow night in Ottawa. All 4 teams the Panthers play on this trek are over .500, so it won't be easy. Craig Anderson will get the start tomorrow, making it seem like he has officially taken over the #1 G position. Until next time...

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