Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Since I've Been Gone...

...the Panthers have continued their solid play. Since my last post, the Cats are 2-0-1, with consecutive, 3-0 shutout wins behind solid defense and the return of Tomas Vokoun. The overtime loss to Carolina certainly hurt, but they have rebounded well. After concluding what can only be thought of as a successful road trip (3-1-1), the Cats returned home for a couple of games against Western Conference foes. In their most recent victory over the Nashville Predators, Michael Frolik continued his scoring groove, scoring 2 goals. Cory Stillman (2 goals) and Richard Zednik (1 goal) have found their touch as well after lengthy time spent on the IR. This is officially a team to watch. The Panthers are 1 point behind both 2nd in the division and 8th in the conference. They are playing with a true identity, in a solid system, and with a confidence that hasn't been seen in South Florida in quite some time.

In case you missed it, I've been missing in action due to my recent marriage to my new, wonderful wife. And now, I must leave you again. Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for those of you out there who actually enjoy my ramblings, I'm heading out on my honeymoon Friday morning. I am lucky enough to have married a woman who agreed to head to beautiful ski country in Alberta, Canada, and include a Calgary vs. Edmonton hockey game on New Years Eve in our honeymoon plans. But alas, I will be unable to see any of the next 6 Panthers games. So look for my half-dozen game recap January 5th upon my return to the real world. Until then... go Cats go.

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What can you tell me about OHA? Do they really have a crack house on campus? What are some good hockey schools in Canada where my son can develop and be relatively safe from harm?

Is it true Kerr was fired from Port Alberni due to favouritism of his son?

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