Saturday, April 11, 2009

Because Everyone Gets 82 Games...

There's a Panthers game tonight, but it's going to be hard to muster the will to watch. It's meaningless. Yes, the Panthers can reach 93 points, which would be the 2nd best point total in franchise history. But that's not much consolation for a team that was as high as 5th in the conference and trying to end the NHL's longest postseason drought. There are so many different directions to point your finger while trying to find reason for the season ending tonight (I'm sure I'll get to it in my season recap, probably Monday or so). And in the end, it doesn't really matter who or what you blame, because the offseason begins tomorrow. And it should be an interesting summer (I hope).

Washington is locked into the 2nd seed, so there's nothing on the line for them, either. Tomas Vokoun is in net tonight against the Caps. I'll be interested to see the crowd tonight, and how they greet the Cats as they take the ice. One thing you cannot say about this team is that they quit. There is plenty of heart on this team, they never stopped skating. They just didn't have the talent to get to the finish line. Puck drops at 7:00.

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